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Smoke Damage Removal Service

Having fire damage your home or business can be heart-rending and such a hassle. No one prays to be a victim, but these things happen. And if it hasn’t happened to you, you probably wouldn’t care much or understand the pain.

However, you can always restore your home or office quicker than you ever imagined. You can restore it to its pre-damage conditions. It’s not impossible! We at AAA Water Damage Repair are here to help you do just that.

It doesn’t have to be a devastating task that you must handle all by yourself. After the fire comes the smoke, right? Right! And neglecting the smoke damage in your home can result in severe health issues. And dealing with this smoke damage is what the best smoke damage removal companies will help you achieve.

As a mold, water, and fire restoration company, we handle all smoke damage removal. We have been helping clients restore their homes to healthy living conditions since (year). Our clients are always delighted when they can get back to their lives again and live in their houses like nothing happened to them.

What is Smoke Damage Remediation?

It is the process of eliminating or minimizing the effect of smoke on building components and furnishings to return a structure to its pre-fire condition. As one of the best companies, we always work to rid your home of smoke completely.

Smoke damage is one of the most challenging and expensive damages that fire can cause. When a fire occurs, it sends noxious chemicals into household items that aren’t visible to the naked eye. These toxic chemicals originate from the materials that were burned in the fire and can be very harmful to people and pets living in the home. Smoke damage remediation helps to remove the smoke and these chemicals from your home.

What type of smoke damage is found in a home?

The most common types of smoke damage found in a home are soot and the deposition of toxic chemicals. Sooth will leave dirty, black, ugly marks on everything it settles on. This is besides the air in your home and your household items absorbing these chemicals.

Smoke can be found in every part of a home, even if the fire never breached the walls. The chemicals get into cracks and crevasses or settle on items that are difficult to clean thoroughly. Carpets, household items made with cloth material, clothing, stuffed animals, toys, wall hangings, bedding material, and more are all items that can be affected by smoke.

Smoke damage caused by fire is often accompanied by water damage. Whether the fire department is able to contain the fire or not, there will most likely be some amount of water involved in extinguishing the flames. The larger the area of the fire, the higher volume of water used to combat it.

COMPANY can help you deal with all the types of smoke and consequent water damage found in a home.

Can Smoke Damage Be Undone?

Yes, we can undo smoke damage. While it might seem challenging or impossible, you can undo the damage if you have the right equipment and experience. As a company specializing in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration, we have the tools and know-how to get the job done.

We can return your home to its pre-damage condition.

The Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Several factors influence the smoke damage restoration process. Some of these factors include:

  • The types of materials that were burned up in the house or building and
  • The extent of the fire damage

 But irrespective of the damage, the process typically follows or includes these five steps.

  1. Step One: Removal of damaged furniture and items
  2. Step Two: Clearing the air with HEPA filters, foggers, and ozone machines
  3. Step Three: Pre-treating non-porous items with odor eliminators
  4. Step Four: Shampooing carpets and other surfaces to remove smoke odors along with stains
  5. Step Five: Applying antimicrobial chemicals to prevent microbial growth.

When you hire AAA Water Damage Repair for your smoke damage remediation, we will start by inspecting your building. From our assessment, we will tell you the level of damage, what the exact process will entail, how long it will take, and what it will cost you.

How Much Does Smoke Remediation Cost?

The cost of smoke damage remediation is based on many different factors. These factors include

  • The extent of the damage
  • How large your home is
  • The materials burned in the fire
  • How much of your home’s structure was affected by the fire (in cases of fire damage)?
  • And more

If you are interested in having us restore your property to its pre-loss condition, then give us a call at COMPANY to set up an initial assessment of your property.

All fire and water damage restoration companies must follow protocols established by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) and NFPA (the National Fire Protection Association). The NFPA has established guidelines for smoke damage remediation as well. As does everyone else in this industry, we follow those guidelines because they are based on scientific research and approved by fire and water damage restoration professionals. In fact, most states now require any company that provides these services to be licensed (a good thing because you know they are following guidelines and understand what they’re doing).

Do you do Water Damage Restoration?

Yes, we do. Water damage usually follows fire damage as water is one of the ingredients used in extinguishing fires. While carrying out the smoke damage assessment, we also assess any other damage, including water damage. We will include the cost of water damage restoration in the free estimate we give you for the fire or smoke damage restoration.

We also do flood damage restoration, which is a whole different process. So even if the water damage wasn’t caused by firefighters trying to put out a fire, we can handle it. It doesn’t matter whether it is a storm damage, sewage backup, or pipe leakage.

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