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Restoration and Repair Service

No water or fire damage restoration process is complete without the restoration and repair phase. It is the fifth and final phase in any damage restoration process. Without it, you will not have your home adequately returned to its pre-damage conditions. All the other stages alone are not enough to get your home to a healthy living condition even though we must have cleaned up the chemicals and other toxic components of the damage. But your home or building will need restoration and repair services to look like what it was before the damage. This is especially true if the drywall, insulation, or structure of your home is affected.

What is Restoration and Repair?

Restoration is the process of returning a thing to its original state. For homes and businesses, it is the final step in returning your building to its original condition. It requires the replacement of damaged, missing, or destroyed parts with new materials.

Restoration may not be necessary in some cases where there has been no visible damage. However, it is important for home or business owners looking to get back into operations quickly without dealing with any structural or cosmetic problems.
All restoration jobs are not the same. The extent of the water damage (or fire damage) that necessitated restoration will determine how much work is needed to return your home to what it originally was.

What does Restoration and Repairs Entail?

The water damage restoration and repair process entail different activities aimed to return your home to pre-damaged conditions. Restoration may involve rebuilding a drywall and stud bay. It might include re-installing insulation or replacing other materials that were damaged.

The process might also include mold removal, repainting of affected areas to match the rest of the existing paint, repairing or replacing floor coverings and carpets/linoleum, and more.
When we work to restore your home, we carry out every single task required to ensure that your home is fully restored. We work hard to ensure your home is healthy and is the way it was before the damage

How Long Does It take to Restore a Water Damaged Home?

There is no set amount of time for the restoration process. It typically depends on how much water damage was done and the things that need repairs and restoration. If you had a small amount of water damage, where only drywall was damaged, and the paint on the walls wasn’t affected, then the process typically takes five days or less. For example, if there is mold contamination in this scenario, it will take considerably less time because removing the mold is quick work.

If there is structural damage and it is quite massive, it would require more time. If there was a lot of water damage to clean up, it could take a few days to weeks. Structural restoration is quite extensive and has to be done in stages due to the drying process. If there was permanent damage to your house, you can be certain this phase of the restoration period will last longer.

When you hire AAA Water Damage Repair to handle your water damage removal and restoration, we will give you a timeframe for each step of the process. After our initial inspection and assessment, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate of how long it will take. If everything goes well, we will do the job within the time we specify. If there are any unforeseen events that will stall or speed up the process, we’ll also let you know.

But regardless of how big your tab might get with restoring your home, we can guarantee you this:

  • It will always cost less than the alternative – not doing anything about it! Living in a water-damaged home without making the necessary repairs can easily result in poor living conditions and health problems.
  • If you don’t have insurance, that’s one thing – many people choose not to get it because it can be expensive, and many people claim they don’t need it. However, I would recommend home insurance as a form of financial protection from events such as those mentioned above. It could potentially save you thousands upon thousands of dollars.
  • If you do have insurance, getting the necessary repairs done as soon as possible is best. Even if you can’t afford to pay for it at this time, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and a lot of money by having your home looked at, and any damage repaired quickly. Insurance companies know that mold spreads quickly and could possibly lead to health risks, so they will usually have you get it taken care of quickly.
  • If your home is damaged enough that the insurance company has to take over, chances are you may also lose some or all control of how the repairs are done. You will probably need to follow their instructions for them to pay for it. This can sometimes be inconvenient, but remember, they are the ones paying for this, so you may need to do whatever they ask.

Does Restoration and Repairs include Reconstruction?

The answer is both yes and no! Repairs and reconstruction often follow large-scale water damage emergencies like flood or storm damage. Depending on the degree of damage and what was damaged, AAA Water Damage Repair can carry out repairs. But we are no building contractors, so there’s a limit to how much reconstruction work we can do. While we can handle most of the reconstruction work that follows water damage, there might be a need to call in building contractors in a few rare cases.

When we initially inspect your home, if we discover a need for construction work beyond what we can do as a water, mold, and fire restoration company, we will inform you.

If you recently had a water damage emergency, call us on Toll Free (833) 410-1097. We will work with you to restore your home to its pre-damage conditions. We have a well-trained workforce that will ensure you can live comfortably in your home again.